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Why choose an Automatic Lubrication System?

As 36% of bearing failures are caused by incorrect lubrication, it is important to optimise the lubrication process. Automatic systems, by using the “little but often” procedure, can dramatically cut this failure rate and HES Lubemec will help you find the right solution. 

Some of the benefits of centralised or automatic lubrication systems are listed below:

  • Improved machine reliability

When using manual lubrication methods, the intervals between the application of the lubricant can be excessive, increasing the risk of the bearing running dry leading to premature failure. An automatic system will apply small quantities of lubricant at regular intervals – calculated to give optimum running conditions – and thereby significantly increase bearing life, leading to much-improved machine reliability.

  • Reduced machinery downtime for lubricant application

Often the manual lubrication of bearings requires the machine to be stopped in order to gain access to the lubrication points, and may also involve some dismantling of the machine, leading to expensive downtime.

  • Reduced power consumption

A fact that is often overlooked when considering an automatic lubrication system is the reduction in power consumption resulting from improved efficiency due to reduced friction losses. With the rising cost of energy, this is an important consideration.

  • Reduced labour cost for lubricant application

Utilising automatic lubrication considerably reduces the manpower required to maintain correct plant lubrication, requiring only period filling of the lubricant reservoir and inspection of  the system.

  • More efficient use of lubricants

By applying a calculated quantity of lubricant at pre-determined intervals, the amount of lubricant can be significantly reduced. Take as an example a bearing requiring 1.3 grams of grease per week. It would be difficult to measure this amount of grease, and the operator would probably give two shots from the grease gun, using around 2 grams of grease – over 50% of the required amount. This equates to 36 grams of excess grease per year on this one bearing alone!

  • Improved overall lubrication of machinery

An automatic system is designed to give correct lubrication to every point on the machine, whereas a manual lubrication operative may well miss difficult to reach, or hidden bearings.

  • Potentially cleaner plant facilities and machinery due to reduced spills

By eliminating exposed grease nipples, and contamination occurring on lubricant transfer the cleanliness of the lubricant, and of the plant can be reduced.

For more information contact the lubrication specialists today on 01452 733 104 or email lubemec@grouphes.com See the website for more info on automatic lubrication systems