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HES Lubemec are offering SKF Training Programmes

HES Lubemec is proud to be working together with our strategic partner SKF to bring you high-quality training programmes for your employees. These programmes are designed to yield maximum benefits to your organisation.


SKF life cycle management


Benefits of training:


  •          Achieve higher levels of personnel and machine efficiency
  •          Eliminate machinery problems and increase reliability and productivity
  •          Enhance plant safety
  •          Reduce unplanned downtime and under-utilisation of equipment
  •          Develop skills of less experienced personnel to handle the departure of ‘expert’ personnel
  •          Stop problems before they happen by addressing the root causes


Together, we can create a programme that fits your employees’ and your business’ needs. SKF are world-leading manufacturers of lubrication systems and together we understand the need for adequate lubrication management. Through a variety of different training tools, your employees will learn valuable new skills to improve the efficiency, reliability and durability of your equipment.

Courses Available:

Basic Courses:

  •          E-Learning web-based training

Intermediate Courses:


  •          Bearing maintenance and service
  •          Bearings in rotating machinery applications
  •          Lubrication of rolling element bearings
  •          Root cause bearing damage analysis
  •          Precision shaft alignment – laser system
  •          Overview of condition monitoring
  •          Introduction to vibration
  •          Vibration analysis category 1
  •          Vibration analysis category 2
  •          Lubricant sampling and storage
  •          Field lubricant analysis category 1
  •          Introduction to modern maintenance philosophies
  •          Introduction to infrared thermography
  •          Root cause analysis (RCA)
  •          Spare parts management


Product and Application Related Courses:

  •          Automatic lubrication systems
  •          Lubrication of wind turbines
  •          In-situ balancing

Other Available Training Courses:


  •          Bearings in fans
  •          Centrifugal pumps
  •          Infrared thermography category 1
  •          SKF @ptitude analyst and SKF Microlog
  •          Railway industry training courses


To request a brochure, more information or to book your place – email enquiries@grouphes.com or call the HES Lubemec team on 01452 733 104.