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Automatic Lubrication System Selection Guide

Automatic lubrication systems from HES Lubemec are available in a variety of different types, depending on your application. We have the know-how and facilities to design, supply, install, service and repair systems to meet your complete requirements.

Selection of the type of system to obtain optimum lubrication depends on a number of factors including:

  •          Lubrication point type; antifriction bearing, plain bearing, slide, cam, chain, conveyor, or gear.
  •          Dimensions of bearing surface
  •          Number of lubrication points
  •          Distance of lubrication points from the pump
  •          Type of lubricant
  •          Power available
  •          Ambient temperature
  •          Environmental conditions
  •          Special requirements e.g. ATEX certification

Once the above criteria have been ascertained, HES Lubemec's engineers will be available to advise on the ideal system for your application.

The choice of lubricant between oil or grease can normally be ascertained from the above factors, however, the selection is normally specified by the machine manufacturer.

The links below will lead to a brief description of the types of systems available from SKF for oil and grease applications. The majority of the system types are available for either option, however, certain systems are unique or preferred for the type of lubricant selected.

Oil Lubrication Systems

Grease Lubrication Systems