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50 Year Time Capsule

Group HES has built a time capsule to commemorate their 50 year history that is not to be opened until 2065 when the company celebrates its 100th anniversary!


2015Time Capsule Gloucester Business

From Left: Rachel Downes - Marketing, Stuart Diesel - Managing Director, Mick Gavin - Goods In (long serving employee), Chris Clift - Accounts (longest serving employee), David Maher - Operations Manager, Sam Lake - Marketing, Chris Way - Financial Director, Alex Tatlow - Group Applications Manager

We came up with the idea for a time capsule as a wonderful way of marking the end of our 50 years celebrations and leaving something for our colleagues of the future.

Included in the capsule is a video featuring many members of staff from all four branches of the company, talking about why the company is a great place to work and what they think the company will look like in 50 years. We have put it on a USB stick - hopefully technology won't have moved on too far that a USB is no longer accessible!

We have put some company and supplier literature in to give our future colleagues an impression of who Group HES were as well as a few modern day artefacts, mobile phones, food wrappers etc to give them a laugh about how technology, branding etc looked 50 years prior! We have also included a set of 2015 coins and the stamps which have been released recently of the Royals to mark the Queen's 90th Birthday - including Prince George who may well be King in 50 years! 

We have also included lots of photos from now and also from throughout out our 50 year history so when the company is celebrating 100 years of operation, they can look back at their heritage. 

We have spent a lot of time researching and investing in correct storage procedures and archiving materials to minimise the chance that the items will spoil in 50 years time. We have used an electrical box which has been sealed shut with silicon sealant. 

Many of us will not be around in 50 years to see it but, hopefully, some current staff may be (just), with the success and growth that the company has seen over the last half a century, we have no doubt that the company will still be going strong in 50 years. 


If you would like any more information on the company please email enquiries@grouphes.com