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Meet the Apprentices

Mark Anderson

Mark has recently completed his apprenticeship. Mark’s dream is to work with robotics and is particularly interested in the use of robotics within human bodies. To get there, he knows there is a lot to learn about hydraulics and he is enjoying the journey so far. At an open evening at Group HES he knew it was the right choice. Mark enjoys the atmosphere of working with the team and likes that they help and share knowledge with each other.

Bradley Barnard

Brad is in his second year of a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and is enjoying the whole experience, from the academics to the practical working. He really enjoys the whole process of seeing a project develop from an idea to a finished project and gets a real sense of achievement. Brad joined the Group HES family in 2015, originally on work experience before joining the stores team and then naturally progressed over to Branch Hydraulic Systems.

Daniel Bland

Daniel, who has now graduated, was one of the first two apprentices to go to the training group. From a young age Dan loved all things engineering and cars related and he knew he wanted to undertake an apprenticeship. Working here is the perfect fit for him because he doesn’t get stuck doing the same thing every day and gets to constantly update and develop his skills. His colleagues appreciate his passion and his willingness to share knowledge.

Joe Clifford

Joe has recently completed his apprenticeship and is now a hydraulic service engineer. Joe was working in Branch before joining the scheme already proving his abilities. Joe is on-site most of the time; although he has excelled in the academics of the scheme, gaining practical experience is how he learns best. Working in the hydraulic service division means that Joe gets to work on different systems, in various places and gets to meet lots of new people; Joe’s favourite part of the job.

Sean Clifford

Sean has been working for Group HES since 2005, starting in stores working his way up to being dispatch manager, to building Comer gearboxes. In 2008, Sean started college and was the first student at his college to leave after 2 years with 6 distinctions. Now as a senior fitter, Sean is the Apprentice Manager and oversees their day to day activities. Hardly the wallflower of the group, Sean enjoys his work, thrives on a challenge and doesn’t suffer from the Monday blues.

Harvey Collins

Mechanical Apprentice Harvey, is the latest addition to the Branch Hydraulic Services team and will be working towards his HNC in Mechanical Engineering, before going on to further study with an HND at a later date. He is excited about college and catching up with everyone else’s knowledge of hydraulic engineering! Harvey likes the idea of being an engineer and not being desk-bound, working on diverse projects and getting hands-on practical experiences.

John Cullimore

John started working for Branch in 2012 as a trainee Electrical Engineer. He is has just completed an HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering having completed a B-Tec Level 3 qualification. John was promoted to Electrical Manager in 2016 and was nominated as Employee of the Year for the EMI Awards. John is eager to advance technically and learn more about the principles of control systems design, somehere he’d like to progress into.

Carn Hayes

Carn is in the 3rd year of his electrical engineering apprenticeship. Carn worked in our sales department prior to joining the apprentice scheme; he always had it in his mind to become an engineer and seeing the opportunity here he was eager to join. Carn is an electrical apprentice and who has the long term goal of getting into designing. Carn enjoys the guys that he works with and gets real job satisfaction from seeing a project progress from start to end.

Ross Martin

Ross is one of the new mechanical apprentices for 2016 and is excited about the opportunity. Ross may be new to the apprentice scheme but is a familiar face to many as he has been working on our trade counter in Gloucester for the last 18 months. Ross knew all along he wanted to become an engineering apprentice so was excited to be given the opportunity. Ross is keen to learn as much as possible and sees himself working with the service team and particularly working on aerospace projects.

Carl Ogdon

Carl is a recent apprentice graduate; he started in 2012 and finished in July 2016. Carl is an electrical engineer with a passion for learning and personal improvement. Carl is an ambitious person and has big plans for his career and is working at learning the products and systems as one day he would love to go into designing products. The varied work that he does through Branch Hydraulic Systems keeps Carl interested and motivated and he enjoys the busy environment as he finds the work rewarding.

Matt Oldham

Matt was an aspiring engineer from the age of 13, helping his Dad here on Saturdays and during the holidays. It was a natural progression to join the apprenticeship scheme. For Matt, though, his education didn’t stop there; he has just graduated from a 2 year HNC course, further developing his skills. Matt is now a hydraulic service engineer and is looking forward to progressing through the company. He likes that he is more than just a number and the company supports him.

Todd Pritchard

Todd is a current mechanical apprentice and is due to complete his course soon. Todd knew he wanted to join a scheme and after seeing our advert and visiting the company, he knew that Branch Hydraulics System was the right choice. The company is big enough that he gets to work on big and exciting projects but small enough that he is not just a face but an individual who can have an impact. Todd is enjoying his course and is considering continuing on to do a HNC qualification afterwards.